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Aloe Vera, Lemon and Green Tea Soaps

My next attempt at making soaps with a new recipe, in fact, a completely made up and unique one!

handmade aloe vera lemon soap

homemade aloe vera lemon soaps

Among all the beauty products I bought from Lanzarote back in May, I also got a herbal essential oil containing Aloe vera, thinking that would be nice to add to homemade soaps. So while Eliis was in London, I suggested we try making soaps and that I would need her input finding the right ingredients.

I had bought Aloe vera soap base that was clear in colour and the essential oil from Lanzarote was almost scentless. So what other oil to mix it with and what colour should the soaps be? After smelling my entire oil collection we decided lemon was the best combination, hence we wanted something that would turn the soaps yellow. After a few attempts with green superfood (the name suggests that the concoction didn’t turn out yellow…) and spirulina I found a jar of turmeric and this had just the right shade! 🙂 Luckily the end product didn’t smell of it at all, it only gave the soaps a lovely yellowish-green tint. I also decided to sprinkle some green tea leaves into the moulds before pouring in the soap mix.

So, here’s the experimental recipe:

  • Aloe vera soap base
  • Herbal oil with Aloe vera
  • Lemon essential oil
  • Green tea leaves
  • Turmeric for colouring

Now that the test product is out and looks and feels like a real soap, I’m ready to produce some more for gifts. I’m not going to set up a shop yet but I think the next step is to try to sell them on Etsy ;).

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