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Hair care products’ review

I haven’t done a product review post for a long time but as I have become to love two particular hair products this summer, I thought I’d share my thoughts with the blogosphere.

After an outdoor Saturday yoga session a couple of weeks ago I was in a healthy and organic mindset and decided to pop into Planet Organic on Westbourne Grove. I had never been there before and was just curious what it’s like. Also, I was after a bottle of kefir for buckwheat flour pancakes I was going to make that day and I’ve realised it’s almost impossible to get it from other shops! Estonians drink a lot of it as part of their staple diet so I definitely miss it sometimes.

As an organic shop it’s obviously full of health-foods, suprise surprise… 🙂 but I was more interested in their beauty section – the aromatherapy, makeup, skin-, body- and haircare,  range. I wasn’t looking for anything particular but this simple pot caught my eye:

Ogario Restore and Shine Hair Masque (50ml)

Partly because it mentioned lavender and I’m drawn to almost anything that has this heavenly scent! 🙂 Although quite pricey for its size I liked what the packaging promised:

“For the ultimate in hair repair, the award-winning Ogario London Restore and Shine Hair Masque for all hair types is a must-have weekly treat to repair and condition for super-shine, strength and manageability. Harnessing the natural healing powers of sage and lavender, it repairs hair damage and conditions for healthy, happy hair. This travel-size pot will fit into your washbag with ease.”

Obviously I tried it the same day and what I noticed first of all, was a pleasant aroma of sage rather than lavender. It felt lovely to massage my hair with such a herbal-smelling product. Needless to say, it did leave the hair silky and soft, adding a nice bounce to my natural curls. After a normal wash with my shampoo and conditioner I quite often scrunch a hair jelly to make it even curlier but with this mask it wasn’t needed. A definite win when I prefer a natural look instead of a blow dry.

The second one is My Little Beauty Beach Hair spray that I got from July’s box with a coconut theme.


The  secret to wavy, surfer-girl hair? This salty spray apparently! I’ve no beach anywhere near me and no beach holiday this summer either, so I use it during those lovely British sunny weekends as the spray also contains a UV filter ;). A few spritzes into my wavy tresses in the morning and when I close my eyes I can just about imagine myself in a bikini on a beach. The coconut scent is uplifting and makes you want to bury your nose in your hair. When the bottle runs out I can announce the end of the summer for myself.

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