HIIT for beginners (infographic)

This is a guest blog from My Fitness Boutique, a gym based in north London. They’ve produced an infographic on “HIIT for Beginners”, a guide to high intensity interval training (HIIT).

I decided to publish it on my blog as I quite enjoy throwing in some HIIT workouts myself. I like the way you can tailor them by difficulty, length and intensity. It offers a lot of variety and a great way to mix it up with my regular running sessions. In the summer months I prefer working out outdoors anyway (I hate gyms) and what better way to do it than with some body weight exercises and running. I hope you enjoy the read and the infographic too!

HIIT is perfect for people who like to keep fit and active, but whose schedules may be too busy to commit to a regular gym routine. The beauty of HIIT is that the workouts are short and effective, although the punishing nature of the workouts is something for which you should be prepared. Such is the intensity of HIIT that even professional athletes will be exhausted after it, but that’s a good sign as it means the workout has probably been done correctly and will have the desired effect.

Finding the time to exercise during a busy week of work and family commitments can be difficult, but if you’re very keen to stay fit, you can forge a brief interval a few times a week to work out. Indeed, the rise of high intensity interval training (HIIT) allows you to get a serious workout in a matter of minutes.

This infographic from My Fitness Boutique shows that HIIT is proven to be considerably more effective than moderate intensity exercise, and that it can be done without the need to invest in pricey exercise equipment or suffer through inclement weather.

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All you need for HIIT is a few spare minutes, a few square metres of floor space and the motivation to give it a go and stick with it! If you can do that, you’ll notice the fruits of your endeavours within a matter of weeks. Plus, the exercise is so full-on that the time passes in a flash.

What isn’t there to like? Well, you’re gonna feel exhausted after it, but that’s simply a sign of doing a proper workout that will stand to you in the long run. Give HIIT a try; you may soon find it becoming an integral part of your daily life!

Featured image from Freepik

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