Liv's London

Frock Me! Vintage Fair

A couple of weeks back we went to Frock Me! vintage fair in Chelsea Town Hall. It’s one of London’s original and most well known vintage fashion fairs with 50+ exhibitors. I’ve been wanting to take a look for years but somehow have never managed to make that short trip till now.

Even my husband was quite keen and was snapping away with his camera. This lovely panorama is taken by him:

There are plenty of quality and vintage designer wear pieces, however quality comes at a price so I was quite careful trying not to fall in love in some of the most gorgeous (and expensive) dresses I saw.

I did come away with a beatiful ivory silk summer dress at a very affordable £20. It’s now just waiting in my wardrobe for warmer weather.

The next one they’re running is on my birthday, which is on 23rd April ;). And I might go again! If you’re into vintage fashion, this event is a must – you won’t be disappointed.

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