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Make-up on public transport

Taking the tube to work this morning reminded me of my pet hate – women applying make-up on public transport. It makes me wanna go:

Disgusted face

A note on hygiene:
It’s not so much the act itself that annoys me, as long as you don’t pluck your nose hairs/eyebrows or spraying perfume all over the place, you’re almost ok in my eyes (yes, I’m judging! 😦 ), but after applying foundation with your hands and not a brush, I’m yet to see a woman clean their hands with a wipe or a tissue. And then you touch all sorts of surfaces with these hands. Which is why I prefer to stand on the tube and not hold on to any of the hand rails – I’ve developed an amazing balance and tube-surfing skills.

I wish you just sanitised your hands after this procedure! It also puts me off seeing some women’s dirty cosmetic bags and tools – a brush or a sponge that’s never been cleansed. Saying that, I do find it fascinating and cannot stop staring how the eye make-up gets applied on shaky trains and perhaps I’m secretly wishing you’d accidentally poke your eye with that mascara or eyeliner.

I agree, it’s a skill and I’m not even saying make-up shouldn’t be done in public but I think if we invented an official ‘public transport make-up etiquette‘, there should be a clause in there saying ‘you shall not put other commuters off with your unhygienic application of make-up‘.

Am I the only germ-freak out there? What are your views?

5 thoughts on “Make-up on public transport”

  1. anther gross part is that they touch parts of the train, like the back of the seats or whatever else covered in germs and bacteria and the smear them all over their face mixed with foundation. that grosses me out. I couldn’t do make up in an unsanitary place.

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    1. I’ve become so careful about bacteria on my face after developing acne, which I’m still struggling with and seeing stuff like that grosses me out big time.


      1. I never really struggled with that, I’m just grossed out by germs I guess. But either way, It’s important that people realize how gross it is. So I’m glad you made that post! 🙂


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