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Why I like to sweat every now and then

I think by nature I’m lazy. I’m not a strong believer of star sign characteristics but if there is anything that truly speaks about Tauruses, then in my case, it’s laziness or is it more to do with comfort-loving? Apparently I won’t move a muscle till I’m motivated to get up and work ;). It’s not actually true but what I did notice a long time ago when I gave up fencing is that if I wasn’t forced I wouldn’t do any sports. That lasted for a while and mind you, what I did for eight years, was quite strenuous – there were weeks (years!) of five-day training plus competitions over the weekends. When I graduated from high school I probably just wanted to give myself a break from fencing!

Now, years and years later, I thank my hard work because I still have nicely toned legs and arms. What’s “between them” I’m a bit less happy about… My slightly lazy lifestyle that’s filled with eating my husband’s deliciously cooked food or dining out and sharing his love for wine, has expanded my waistline somewhat and I’ve grown an ahem… ass :). It’s not all his fault but I have become a bit “softer”. I’m no longer a size ‘irrelevant’ from my modelling years in Ireland but I still like to keep fit because I want to be able to fit into all the dresses I’ve bought over the years ;). Since I quit fencing I’ve tried squash, tennis, pilates, yoga, running and I do appreciate a good workout and the satisfaction it gives me. My long time ago developed muscles have memory and I like to keep it alive.

A couple of years ago I discovered YouTube sensation Cassey at Blogilates and I started following her monthly workout plans but after about six months I couldn’t keep up anymore. I did find the videos effective but I didn’t have time to spend an hour six days a week on my workout mat. I still follow some of her routines and here’s a very short list of them, my favourite ‘bums, tums, thighs’. Go on, give it a try!

So, I mentioned that not having enough time was the issue and earlier this year my husband saw an ad somewhere for T25 and even he said he’d give it a go! It’s basically three levels of workouts – alfa, beta and gamma and each last five weeks. 25 minutes a day 5/6 times a week Focus Interval Training (FIT). And damn, it’s hard! The instructor Shaun T shouts at you when you stop :).

T25 Workouts

We did alfa and beta DVDs and then kind of took a break because we were either ill or found some other excuses and we’ve yet to challenge the gamma cycle… So far, it’s definitely made us fitter. The goal wasn’t so much to lose weight but to get into better shape and along the way I have lost half a kilo, which isn’t bad, considering we didn’t follow the meal plans or give up alcohol. Therefore we don’t really have proper before and after photos of our progress. But if you followed the whole plan to a T with Shaun T, you’ll definitely have amazing results.

What I have also noticed is how much my sleep has improved! I’m a very light sleeper and go through bouts of insomnia but waking up and working out earlier makes me nicely tired in the evenings and I fall asleep within minutes.

How do you like to keep fit?

6 thoughts on “Why I like to sweat every now and then”

  1. I run…a lot! I also cycle and do weights. I’ve been doing this for years now and I feel my body is exactly where I want it. Love fitness – I can be having a crappy day and go out for a run and it will change everything for the better. Great post! Thanks for sharing! Love those YouTube vids, bye!

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    1. Thanks! I like to mix up her workout routines, I definitely don’t have an hour most days for a workout but you can squeeze in a few a day and target different areas of the body. Good luck! Enjoy too.


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