Trash the dress London
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Trash the Dress

It took me a little while to set this blog up the way I wanted and I’m pretty pleased with my customised header and categories I’m planning to write about. And here’s my first post and this is going under my exciting life in W9 ;).

A couple of weeks ago my husband, who is also a part-time professional photographer, asked to use our local pub Prince Alfred as a photoshoot setting and as it was quite last minute he couldn’t get any models who wanted to pay :P, it was up to me and Lina to rock our frocks. Lina and I were the lovely brides of W9 last year, both getting married with only a month apart, and now we’re even lovelier wives of W9!

We both wore our civil ceremony dresses and didn’t do anything too trashy, we wanted a fun classy shoot in our favourite local that’s been covered up in plastic and slightly ripped apart = prepared for renovations. So, take a look (click on the image to see more)!

Trash the Dress London
#badasswives: Today we recommend Marriage

Very pleased with the result, just couldn’t be happier to have a great photographer at hand whenever I feel like dressing up, be it a wedding gown or something more casual. We still have our wedding reception dresses to trash but haven’t figured out the concept yet. So stay tuned…

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