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A little pre-Christmas hell

Sunday was the first advent and we put up some fairy lights, laid out candles everywhere, bought myself a chocolate calendar but didn’t buy a tree. We bought one last year and thought it would survive but finally, in the summer, after watering it meticulously for months and months we admitted that it had given up on us. But for some stupid reason we didn’t get rid of it. So this little fir tree looking oddly green but obviously very dry is still in our living room. It will be thrown out in January with the rest of the trees bought in 2015 ;).

So, as I started… it was the first advent and we thought of adding a bit of early Christmas spirit to our Sunday by going to Hampstead Christmas Festival. The weather was miserably windy and grey and we thought walking around in Hampstead, sipping mulled wine and eating bratwurst would cheer us up (more me, I hate windy weather). Continue reading “A little pre-Christmas hell”