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Hair care products’ review

I haven’t done a product review post for a long time but as I have become to love two particular hair products this summer, I thought I’d share my thoughts with the blogosphere. Continue reading “Hair care products’ review”

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Beauty products in Lanzarote 

During our recent holiday to Lanzarote I was quite interested in local skincare range and was happy to find some lovely lavender products. I just like lavender, ok?! 🙂 After my own experiments with making soaps of goat’s milk soap base, I’m excited to try this one made on the neighbouring island of Fuerteventura: Continue reading “Beauty products in Lanzarote “

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Homemade soaps

Last week I set up a “soap factory” in our kitchen ;). Under the watchful eye of our kitten I mixed some goat’s milk soap base with purple colouring and essential oils. A recipe I had found on Dr. Axe. Very easy to make and the soaps are free of harmful chemicals!

The mix gets poured into the moulds:
Continue reading “Homemade soaps”

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January – a month of wellness

As I wrote in New Year’s resolutions?, I don’t do them. So I didn’t do a dry January, start a fad diet or make any other promises that I knew I wasn’t able to keep up with. Instead, I turned January into a wellness month and tried starting to look after my mind, body and spirit better. I also followed almost all of these little tips by mindbodygreen to make my life a little bit happier. I’m a bit more concerned about my stress levels and negative thoughts so I want to make sure I look after myself better. Continue reading “January – a month of wellness”

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 Cotswold Lavender

About a month ago I shared my lavender obsession and this got satisfied during our holiday in the UK (separate posts about this to follow when I have more time…) when visiting Cotswold Lavender in Snowshill near Broadway. I looked it up last year but unfortunately didn’t have enough time to go there after our wedding in the Cotswolds. This year though, we scheduled it in on our way back from Cornwall while staying a few nights in Sunhill Barn. Continue reading ” Cotswold Lavender”

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My lavender obsession

Since I started gathering ideas for flower and colour themes for our wedding a few years ago I became slightly obsessed with anything lavender related. So there were lavender details absolutely everywhere (mental note, I must do a separate post on this one day!), including our invites, centrepieces and other decorations, wedding cake, cupcakes, favours, thank you cards, and obviously my bridal bouquet that consisted of my then newly found favourite roses – ocean spray – and lavender sprigs. My bridal eye make-up had touches of purple and my nails, of course, were lilac! 🙂 Continue reading “My lavender obsession”