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Embracing the 70s

This summer (what? did we actually have summer this year? 🙂 ) I went to a friend’s 40th birthday celebration that had a 70s theme. It was highly entertaining to see so many guests truly embracing it and turning up in afros, bohemian florals, hot pants, bell-bottom trousers… We were a colourful noisy crowd!

I had a total last-minute wardrobe change. I was planning to wear a relatively simple jumpsuit that to me looked 70s enough but earlier that day I just mentioned in passing that I’ll be going to this theme party and a friend of mine said she had a genuine custom-made dress that her mum had made in the 70s! Success! So this is what I wore: first from the left:

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Here’s my story and my husband’s creation:

Marc’s alarm came on at 1am and 3am to capture the different moon phases. I was half asleep and told him I’d watch the photos next morning. Then I got out of my slumber and dragged myself out of bed, saying : “Damn, I’ve got to see it myself!!” So we sat in awe in our living room in the middle of the night and admired this blood moon. Eventually walked hand-in-hand back to bed ❤️.

The Veuve Champagne
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Wine tasting at The Langham

Even though I’m not EHL (Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, hotel school in Switzerland) Alumni, I get ‘dragged’ to their events by my husband. They have monthly meet-ups and other events related to hospitality industry (not always) – visiting new hotels, bars, restaurants, celebrating Swiss national day, EHL birthday etc.

Yesterday I had the pleasure to join them for wine tasting hosted by The Bolney Estate at The Langham. The host, Jennifer Yates, was an absolute pleasure to listen to and her enthusiasm for English (sparkling) wines came across vividly. We sampled the following: Continue reading “Wine tasting at The Langham”

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A weekend full of sun and rugby

Last days of summer… Thankfully the sun has been out and today we even enjoyed a balmy 19 degrees.

The weekend has been full of rugby and yesterday I went to my first ever rugby game in Twickenham, France v Italy. A stadium full of rowdy but jolly rugby fans – a great experience. Although my husband supports England and I secretly Ireland, that evening we were all about ‘Allez les bleus’! 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷 It was a confident win over Italy.

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Regent's Canal, Paddington, London
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Sunny Saturday in London

I have gone awfully quiet and it’s not because I haven’t had anything interesting to write about but it’s been a very stressful and emotionally challenging few weeks at work. Perhaps I can reflect on this in a little while when the dust has settled…

For a while now I have wanted to write about a local restaurant that we have visited a few times this summer and I’m finally getting to it.

The weekend before last weekend happened to be a perfect sunny one, although so far we haven’t been having the best summer. There have been days when it’s absolutely lovely during working week and then come weekend when I’m always off it’s grey, dull, windy and rainy. “Thanks to” living in Ireland I am well versed in weather conversation and can comfortably smell the rain in advance, passionately describe what horizontal rain looks and feels like and convince you that 16 degrees and sunny is definitely good enough for sunbathing. Continue reading “Sunny Saturday in London”

Scenic Gupf Switzerland with glass of champagne
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“Me” time

I used to lead a quiet lifestyle back in Ireland (Killarney is a very small town and there isn’t much to do there anyway!) and after almost four years in London, I’m still not quite used to the constant noise that surrounds me. I didn’t think I would say that but sometimes (only sometimes! I did leave for a good reason) I really miss the Irish countryside: to be able to walk to work (but then I got a car and sometimes drove the 1K distance instead 🙂 ); run for half an hour and end up in massive Killarney National Park; or hop into my car and drive to some of the most magnificent beaches I’ve ever seen in my life, Inch and Rossbeigh, both only a 40-minute drive away… Life was rather peaceful….

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Sunday Lunch in KuPP, Paddington Basin

Every now and then I leave the borders of W9 for Sunday lunch and venture out a little further 😛. This Sunday I happened to walk past this Scandi restaurant KuPP on Merchant Square in Paddington Basin. I haven’t walked there for a while and I was happy to see a relatively new restaurant has popped up (they opened in late March this year). First I thought the name had been taken from the popular game that Swedes play but I was corrected later, once my two Swedish friends joined me there for lunch, that it’s spelled Kubb. Great game, by the way, get it for your garden, a lot of Viking fun!

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Trash the dress London
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Trash the Dress

It took me a little while to set this blog up the way I wanted and I’m pretty pleased with my customised header and categories I’m planning to write about. And here’s my first post and this is going under my exciting life in W9 ;).

A couple of weeks ago my husband, who is also a part-time professional photographer, asked to use our local pub Prince Alfred as a photoshoot setting and as it was quite last minute he couldn’t get any models who wanted to pay :P, it was up to me and Lina to rock our frocks. Lina and I were the lovely brides of W9 last year, both getting married with only a month apart, and now we’re even lovelier wives of W9!

We both wore our civil ceremony dresses and didn’t do anything too trashy, we wanted a fun classy shoot in our favourite local that’s been covered up in plastic and slightly ripped apart = prepared for renovations. So, take a look (click on the image to see more)!

Trash the Dress London
#badasswives: Today we recommend Marriage

Very pleased with the result, just couldn’t be happier to have a great photographer at hand whenever I feel like dressing up, be it a wedding gown or something more casual. We still have our wedding reception dresses to trash but haven’t figured out the concept yet. So stay tuned…