A bit random ;)

The best classic Rock Albums in the last ten years

I was approached by GetToTheFront, a leading independent online music magazine, to collaborate on a post listing their 10 best rock albums in the last 10 years.

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A bit random ;)

Innocently Sweet – vegan dessert recipe book

I’m proud that a friend of mine, Chantal, has written this book because like most people (probably like you too), she loves desserts! 🙂 But it was driving her crazy that desserts always had to be naughty! So she wrote it with some educational material to begin with and included 34 amazing vegan recipes that are every spoonful nourishing and not at all guilty! Isn’t it great when you can have a treat that is not followed but a guilt trip down weight gain lane?

I’m also delighted to mention that some of the photos used in this book are taken by my husband Marc Mordant Photography. Continue reading “Innocently Sweet – vegan dessert recipe book”