Tallinn Christmas market
Liv's Tallinn

No Christmas market in Tallinn this year

Last week the news broke that Tallinn Christmas market will not be held for obvious reasons and while many people thought it wasn’t a big loss mainly due to its over commercialised appeal with the same vendors year on year I’m extremely sad we won’t be able to experience it fully this winter. I also do kind of agree with them and while I wouldn’t actually buy any Christmas presents from there and it really is overpriced, it holds a magical place in my heart.

Our Christmas market was voted the best in Europe last year and I hadn’t visited it for years so I was really excited to be able to go again when we moved to Tallinn last October. Because we rented an apartment near the Old Town it was a relatively short walk over there and some weeks I made that trip twice! My husband was on a few business trips, we were slowly settling with life in Estonia but on days when I felt lonely or homesick for London I’d pack her into the stroller and walk to the Old Town. First thing, I’d get myself some hot mulled wine, a gingerbread man for her, watch the merry-go-round, lights, and sing some Christmas songs. I would cuddle her, tell her to make a wish under the big Christmas tree and promise to her that our time in Estonia will be magical (as a side note, we still don’t know how long we are planning to stay here). This was entertaining enough for her and I’m glad. When I mentioned this place was expensive – one carousel ride that lasts for a few minutes cost 5 euros.

There wasn’t much snow last winter and without a doubt the market would have looked even more festive with it but look… isn’t it the loveliest Christmassy place to enjoy a hot drink, eat some bratwurst, admire the Christmas tree, listen to Christmas songs and just soak up the atmosphere? I know I’m not the only one who feels the same way.

The plan is to still install the Christmas tree and for the local craftspeople, restaurants and pubs to create some festive spirit all over the Old Town, which makes sense, so everything is more scattered and no huge crowds gathering on the main square. It would be fun if there were random pop-up workshops, events or fairs but we shall see.

Now all we need is a nice snowy winter because we all need to have our spirits lifted somehow after this pandemic year.

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