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Maternity leave – it’s not all rock ‘n’ roll

I’m not rocking it but at least I’m rolling with it.

My baby girl turned six months old about a week ago and although we’re doing a lot better; might I say some days and nights are fantastic, with her napping perfectly and waking up only once a night (not sleeping through here yet!); there are still days when I miss weekend lie-ins. Doing nothing and going to bed really late not worrying that I will potentially have to be up in a few hours. I miss sitting in a pub drinking wine with friends. I miss lounging on the sofa, drinking coffee, reading a good book or binge watching something on Netflix.

But… it is the first time I will be able to celebrate Mother’s Day this year. I’m a mother! 🙂 And even if I’ve been one only for a short while I’m still immensely proud that I’m raising such a sweet smiley little girl.

I might sometimes get upset if she wakes from her nap too early or takes too long to fall asleep. I sometimes cry when she only wakes up after a few hours of falling asleep and won’t re-settle any other way but feeding again. I might get annoyed when she cries instead of playing by herself so I could get some house chores done. And yet I wouldn’t have it any other way and just have to be more patient with her. I do miss the carefree old life but not in a million years would I exchange it to what I have now. Sleep deprivation, concern and whatnot. When I watch her waking up and giving me a big smile – all is forgotten. She just brightens up my day. She loves me and needs me, so I have to do my utmost best to look after her.

As they say – the days are long but the years are short. While it’s difficult to appreciate every moment of every day, I’ll try my best. Almost every evening without a fail, once she’s fallen asleep, I pour myself a small (who am I kidding, a large) glass of red wine and put my feet up knowing I can take a little rest now. It’s the little things that keep me going, that glass of wine, that giggle, that smile, that new sound, the rolling over and squealing in delight and the sweetest sight – her falling asleep in my arms when I dare not let her cry.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. It sure ain’t easy what we’re doing but oh, so worth it!

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