How to turn house cleaning into a workout

Cleaning the house isn’t fun. It often feels like it’s never ending and we just can’t wait for it to be finished. However, this infographic from HappyCleans looks at how you can turn it into a workout so you can kill two birds with the one stone. Remember that many aspects of housework are very good workouts as well and burn calories. For example, while mopping might not be the most fun task, one hour of it burns 168 calories. This little nugget might reduce your hatred of mopping just a little bit. Even tasks like ironing which aren’t that strenuous burn 128 calories an hour.

You can also work on getting a bit more toned as you clean. For example, no one likes taking out the trash but it’s also an opportunity to tone your arms by lifting and lowering the bags in your arms. If you are doing cleaning around the house, try not to snack too much as you’ll burn less calories. Check out this infographic now and try to go into your next clean with a bit more positivity!

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