Baby Club Everyman Maida Vale

Baby cinema

I finally decided to try out the Baby Club at Everyman, Maida Vale and went to see Molly’s Game this week. I was a bit hesitant as wasn’t sure whether she’d let me enjoy any of it but I’m so glad I gave it a go! The Baby Club in Maida Vale’s cinema is on Wednesdays and I’ll definitely go again soon. 

It was nice to find out you also get a complimentary coffee and a slice of cake (this may have been mentioned on the website but I booked it in a rush and certainly didn’t notice it).

I picked an isle seat and left the pram next to me, hoping she would just fall asleep there as it was her nap time. Very impressed with her, she did! 🙂 She clutched onto her firefly and took a cat nap but at least she woke up smiling so I knew it would be easier to handle her during the movie. She giggled and was very content in my lap and took another cat nap. No crying whatsoever and I was able to see the whole movie without any major interruptions.

Every now and then, a mum or a dad would get up and walk around to soothe their little ones and first time ever, whimpering babies were no nuisance. I mean, I was just lucky she was so content but I could have been one of them myself walking up and down to calm her down. So, basically, crying, feeding, burping – all normal (by the babies… 🙂 ) and no one is shooting odd looks at you. It felt so nice.


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