A few funny, silly or downright rude things I’ve heard during my pregnancy

“Will you have another one?”

What I wanted to say – “None of your bloody business.”

What I actually said – “I’m still pregnant! Let me push this one out first and see how we get on with it!”

“You look very pregnant now.”

What I wanted to say – “Did you just call me fat?!”

What I actually said – “I am 37 weeks pregnant, I don’t think I have much choice…”

“Was it wanted?” 

What I wanted to say – “No, I thought I’d just try the pregnancy thing but we don’t want the baby.”

What I actually said – “We had been trying for a long time, so yes!”

Very similar to the last one “Were you trying?”

What I wanted to say – “No, not at all, but then we were shocked that you could get pregnant from having sex!”

What I actually said – “No, it was an accident that we wanted to happen for a few years.”

“Do you know what you’re having?”

I’ve heard that more than once and I’ve always replied with “We’re having a cat.”


I’m not trying to make a point here by saying that you shouldn’t be making any comments or asking anything from us, pregnant women, because we’re all hormonal and you’ll potentially hurt our feelings. But sometimes it’s just worth thinking twice before you come up with some of these “pearls”… You never know how one might react. I have tried to remain honest and humorous if not slightly sarcastic because that’s just me.  And my answer might have taken you aback but at least my excuse is – I’m pregnant and I’ll say whatever comes to my hormonal head!!! What’s your excuse?

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