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Maternity wardrobe

“I don’t want to spend a lot on maternity clothes”, she said during the 1st and 2nd trimester. How naive…Did I really think I wasn’t going to need much? Third trimester started with nice warm weather and a few heatwaves and finding comfortable and suitable clothing became a daily struggle. I thought I could wear most of my tops and blouses if I just found some maternity jeans/trousers/skirts. Wrong! My chest has expanded a lot more than I envisaged. I thought I could still fit into some of my trousers. Wrong! My thighs have also expanded to carry the extra weight. Well, I thought I had muscular and strong thighs before but maybe they needed to grow a bit more?! 😦 (Just to add though, maternity leggings and jeans are so comfy…)

And even if everyone has said my bump was neat and I don’t look like I’ve gained much weight, I feel increasingly uncomfortable. To cheer myself up I wanted some photos in my new clothes and see myself through my husband’s camera lens. This time the camera really has added a few extra pounds… 🙂

I’ve bought most of the stuff from Asos and have found them all stunning.  The brands include Asos’s own maternity clothing line, New Look, Bluebelle, Chi Chi Clothing, Mama.licious to name just a few.

The most comfortable by far have been my old pair of bikinis! I’m so glad I didn’t spend any money on maternity one-piece swimwear. That’s fine if you’re fine flaunting your pregnant belly on the beach. I didn’t mind.

What maternity clothes could you not have lived with? Leggings? Jeans? Stretchy dresses?

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