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Pregnancy cravings – the weird and wonderful!

The cravings have actually been on a relatively normal side for me. Luckily I’ve had no sickness, just mild nausea in the evenings, and a significant drop in appetite overall. I’ve never been a big eater and prefer small meals but now, while being pregnant, I find it really difficult to finish my dinners. My husband finishes them for me and he’s probably growing with me too! 🙁

I also think he’s rather annoyed with me when every time he asks: What shall we have for dinner? My answer is always: I don’t know.

It doesn’t help when I list everything that I don’t want and don’t offer any ideas in return. But I’m glad that I’ll happily snack away on these wonderful things:

  • strawberries – one evening I sliced a huge bowl of them and covered with blueberry sauce;
  • carrots – with or without hummus, always good;
  • apples – anytime, give them to me for breakfast, lunch or dinner;
  • oranges – straight from the fridge, they need to be cold before eating! Same with orange juice, has to be cold. Must be to do with the increased body temperature during pregnancy…
  • actually not so good or wonderful, especially if you eat the whole bag at once – M&Ms – our baby’s nickname because I just ❤️ them.

And slightly on a weirder side:

  • citrus – sometimes I have to eat a slice of lemon or squeeze it into water or orange ice lollies work a treat;
  • cinnamon buns – once I walked past Starbucks and all of a sudden HAD TO HAVE their cinnamon bun. To my dismay they were out of them!!! I almost cried.

My ideal breakfast is a latte accompanied by a cinnamon bun or swirl 👅.

  • sour sweets – favourites are M&S’s phizzy pig tails 🐷;
  • ham and cheese sandwiches – one week, three days in a row, I ate smoked cheese and ham sandwiches for lunch. I tried Sainsbury’s, Pret and Tesco. All were good.
  • pickled stuff – Estonians like a lot of things pickled so it’s naturally in my genes 🙂 . Once I told my husband I fancied some olives and gherkins and he got back from the store with three different kinds of them. Just in case. I swear I didn’t eat them all at once.

My taste buds are a bit all over the place and I don’t crave only sweet or salty things, just a bit of everything. Our daughter (or if it turns out to be a boy!) will hopefully have a varied taste and appreciate everything in moderation like her mummy! But if she steals my M&Ms … 😡

Whoever reads this and is/has been pregnant, what do/did you crave?

Featured image from Healthline.

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