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My autumnal style 

Autumn leaves come falling down
Red, orange, yellow,
Down, down down
🍂 🍁 🍂 🍁 🍂 🍁 🍂

I’ve been enjoying autumn this year because it’s been a very mild one. Back in September we had a heatwave when the temperatures reached low 30s (I remember that week clearly because I was so ill with a cold. My husband did a fine job looking after me but what with being an adult, life goes on and things need doing, all I really wanted was being a kid and having my mum or dad nurse me back to normal) and October has been impressively sunny and warm too. Finally, when the nighttime temperatures started hitting below double figures, I realised I could do with more layers on me.  My winter clothes tend to be black but my autumns are brown. So here I am with one of my favourite outfits going for a Sunday walk. 👜 🕶

London autumn style outfit

My coat is from BrandAlley Outlet.

I bought it back in summer when anything autumn/winter related is obviously on sale. I’m smart like that 😛. So, it’s no longer available but I got it for only £50. BrandAlley is a brilliant find, suggested by my friend a couple of years ago. If signed up to their newsletters, you will receive a daily email about what’s on sale that day and you can find really big discounts for designer items. There’s another similar online fashion store out there – Cocosa – but I haven’t tried it yet.

And my shoes from JonesWas £99.00 / Now £59.00!

Another favourite of mine is this fine brown leather jacket that I bought from Rome back in 2008 and yes, I still wear it every spring and autumn! Italians really do know their leather! Here I’ve teamed it up with a silky dress that I wore on the next day of our friend’s wedding in France in September.

Autumn fashion lifestyle blog What colour combinations do you prefer this season? What are your favourite items? Do share! 😘

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