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A Royal day out

This was my first time ever at horse races and we did it in style at Royal Ascot! View all the photos from the day – Marc Mordant Photography at Royal Ascot.

Royal Ascot ladies day fashion blogger
My dress is from Chi Chi London. Shoes are Head over Heels from Dune. Hat and gloves by Agne Kremenskiene (milliner based in Cork, Ireland)

With its history dating back to 1711 when Queen Anne founded it, Royal Ascot attracts one of the finest race horses in the world and has become a true national institution, a highly anticipated event of the summer season in Britain. So when my friend Agne mentioned on Facebook earlier this year that attending Royal Ascot is one of her dreams I immediately jumped on that idea and plans were made and tickets to Queen Anne Enclosure were soon bought. She has her own millinery business and goes to numerous horse racing events in Ireland where she lives. She’s already won awards and I was absolutely thrilled when she offered to make a hat for me.

I had no idea what sort of an outfit to get. For weeks and weeks I trawled through every thinkable and affordable 😉 online shop (I cannot stand actual physical shopping in London, it stresses me out) and eventually after a very long search I found this pretty pink dress from Chi Chi London. I sent Agne a photo so she could start creating the hat and I was amazed to see the different stages of the process thanks to her video or photo updates.

This is bloomin’ amazing! (I like a good pun…)

After a hectic morning we set off on Ascot Express from Waterloo. By hectic, I mean Agne doing her make up on the back seat of the taxi because I had an insane “blond moment” by letting her do my hair with the hat already secured in place only realising that I couldn’t just step into my dress but had to pull it over my head. So it all had to be ripped off and done again, this time with my dress on. I’m sorry again, Agne!!! 🙂

My husband was suited up and looking very dapper with his pink tie that I fortunately found at the bottom of the wardrobe so that he could match with my outfit.

Royal Ascot ladies day photography Marc Mordant

The event was so well organised, staff all very friendly, plenty dining options available but perhaps too few places where to sit down and rest your feet… I’m so glad I brought flats with me for walking back to the train station.

Agne has attended enough races to understand where to be if you want to get photographed or interviewed. But to really catch the eye your hat would have to be more extravagant, saying that, I would never want to look anything but classy, so there is a limit for me! We’ve made a promise to return next year but potentially trying to upgrade ourselves to Royal Enclosure. For a bit more prestige and PR for Agne’s millinery business.

All in all, a brilliant day filled  with glamour, champagne sipping and a bit of race watching thrown in!

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