Lanzarote – the island of black sand and so much more!

I finally got around to organising all the holiday photos on my phone! About a month ago we had the pleasure of staying at our friends’ villa in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote. In return, Marc did some bump and family photography ;).

It was such an amazing week off! I had no idea Lanzarote had that kind of scenery. From black volcanic rock fields, black sand, red mountains to bright blue ocean and golden yellow beaches. This island has colour and such diversity: volcanoes (Timanfaya National Park), vineyards placed on the foot of the black hills, salt mines (Janubio), irresistible sunsets, caves (Cueva de los Verdes), cute fishing villages dotted around and some of the most scenic beaches I’ve ever seen (Playa de Papagayo).

The photos speak for themselves…

And the food! We ate fresh fish absolutely every day! And why not!? Cannot afford that in London so might as well go overboard with the seafood :). Our best find was a local tapas bar where house red was cheaper than their meat or cheese boards… €2 per glass. That gets you a small bottle of sparkling water in London… Here’s my separate food gallery 😉 :

With direct flights (we flew with BA) only 4.5 hours and same timezone, Lanzarote makes it the perfect quick getaway destination. Car hire for seven days was only about €90 and driving seemed super easy (I wasn’t behind the wheel…) as the roads are good and well signposted.

I just cannot recommend it enough and I think we’re going back this September ;).

5 thoughts on “Lanzarote – the island of black sand and so much more!”

  1. I holidayed in Playa Blanca a couple of weeks ago and followed the Lanzarote tag on WordPress just so I can miss it that bit more! I couldn’t agree more about why Lanzarote is so awesome. Timanfaya National Park was my favourite excursion- it was super different!

    ~ Kat ~


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