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Bourjois 3 for 2

A pretty pink Bourjous purchase from Boots. I only went in for a new foundation as my skin tone is getting darker (summer is coming!) and there was an offer. And I didn’t even buy a foundation :D. They didn’t have a dark enough shade so I ended up getting a primer instead. There is no logic, I know! Then I decided a new mascara and eye pencil/liner were also due. I’ve already started using them all and here’s my feedback:

  • Luminous Serum Primer – has a lovely serum texture, make up just glides on afterwards, stays on for longer without letting my face get too shiny towards the end of the day and helps minimise pores too. Would buy again!
  • Volume Glamour Mascara – thought I’d try a different one from Bourjois’ mascara range but unfortunately I’m not that impressed as it doesn’t provide much volume. I might return to my favourite soon enough :
    Bourjois Volume 1 mascara.png
  • Eye liner – this one is very smooth, easy to apply and build up thickness but it doesn’t last very long. Half way through the day at work I see it’s starting to smudge already. 3 out of 5 for me.

As I was trying to take some nice photos of the three products, our cat obviously felt he could liven up the set, which he obviously did.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So after all this I’m still on a hunt for a new summer foundation. Any recommendations for this season? 😉

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