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Beauty products in Lanzarote 

During our recent holiday to Lanzarote I was quite interested in local skincare range and was happy to find some lovely lavender products. I just like lavender, ok?! 🙂 After my own experiments with making soaps of goat’s milk soap base, I’m excited to try this one made on the neighbouring island of Fuerteventura:

The pot on the left is a lavender aromatherapy gel sold in a small supermarket and smells absolutely gorgeous. It doesn’t explain how to use it but I’m guessing it’s good for massage :).

Then I discovered that the Canary Islands are famous for aloe vera plants and again, Fuerteventura is a big producer of a wide range of skincare products. This little tub is sold widely in all supermarkets and although I wouldn’t put it on my face (it’s a bit like buying the Nivea blue tin but just for your hands and body not face). Smells like candy and leaves my hands super soft.

Nearly every town on the island also has an LAloe Vera Fresca shop and these are the goodies we got from there:

The bath salts smell divine! My next bath will be filled with that (ok not the whole bag all at once). The bottle in the middle is a gel that also contains menthol and peppermint, which work to stimulate and cool the skin while creating an intense hot-cold effect to help soothe tired and sore muscles.

And the box on the right is a herbal oil that contains essential oils from 30 herbs and plants! For example pine offers oiliness-reducing properties, birch cleanses and regenerates the skin and citronella grass, peppermint, and melissa refresh and revitalise. I haven’t yet decided how best to use it but one tip that I got from the shop was to use it in homemade soaps. I may expand my ‘product line’ from lavender soaps to aloe vera soaps :P. Stay tuned.

Aloe vera products are new to me. The only thing I’ve ever tried is this cooling gel, widely sold here in the UK too, and I put it on cuts and insect bites. I’ve read it can also be used for sunburn.

Have you come across any interesting aloe vera skincare products?

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