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Lucius the Cat

Meet our cat! We’ve had Lucius since Easter and here are some wonderful portraits of him from the first week with us:

Who’d have thought that my husband would be taking cat portraits as well now :). Never did I think I’d become a cat person either. I know I’ve had a dislike for dogs since childhood (they’ve chased me, bitten me and annoyed me with their barking ever since). But cats… we never had one when growing up and my only experience with them had been my brother’s cat who they adopted more than five years ago now.

Because I have to be home alone quite a bit (husband travels for work) we have been thinking of a pet companion for me for a long time. I remember suggesting hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits but Marc was never too keen and then finally this year after a relatively lengthy search we found Lucius! And never changed his name. An odd one but it suits him.

He’s one chatty feline, let me tell you! I’ve always found cats who meow a lot funny. So when I get home in the evenings I get to hear what he’s been up to all day. In return I explain everything I do around the house. We read books and newspapers together, watch TV, do laundry, take shower and prepare dinner.

The only annoying (but cute at the same time) downside is that we now get woken up around 5-6am almost every morning. These illustrations pretty much explain what he does to us 😛 (click on the image to see more…)


He’s bossy and selfish and pushes my phone out of the hand when he wants attention. But I love him sooo! ❤

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