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January – a month of wellness

As I wrote in New Year’s resolutions?, I don’t do them. So I didn’t do a dry January, start a fad diet or make any other promises that I knew I wasn’t able to keep up with. Instead, I turned January into a wellness month and tried starting to look after my mind, body and spirit better. I also followed almost all of these little tips by mindbodygreen to make my life a little bit happier. I’m a bit more concerned about my stress levels and negative thoughts so I want to make sure I look after myself better.

I treated myself to a lovely facial at Skin3 and was glad to be told that my pigmentation marks are definitely improving and I’ve upped my skincare regime to c-quence level. This won’t mean much to most of you but if you’re an Environ products’ user, you’ll know exactly what I mean! These products have a higher concentration of A and C vitamins that assist further in improving the appearance of uneven skin tone.

Then, as a surprise to my husband, I planned a spa morning at the Ham Yard Hotel’s Soholistic Spa. He knew we were getting a massage somewhere but I managed to keep the location a secret until the last minute. I left my phone in the changing room while we were enjoying the steam room and relaxation area but I don’t think he goes anywhere without his iPhone, so he snapped these:

The spa is wonderfully decorated and features bespoke bath product collection, RikRak. We both had Signature Massage in the couple’s treatment room that left us relaxed, and totally chilled out. So much so that Marc started snoring :).

We finished off the spa visit with a brunch and these delicious cocktails at the hotel’s restaurant:

Have you been to the Ham Yard Hotel yet? It’s well worth a visit and adding to the list of hotels to see in London. We spent a little while just walking around the public areas admiring the unique interiors, artwork and intricate designs by Kit Kemp.

So, January is almost over but I will keep up with my wellness plan. Next on my list is meditation.

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