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New Year’s Resolutions? 

Who bothers and do you even stick to them?

For years I haven’t because the whole “new year, new me” concept seems like a desperate need to reinvent ourselves. Shouldn’t we do those good or better things throughout the year? Why force a drastic change when January comes? I suppose it makes sense that at the end of each year we take stock, evaluate and promise to make changes but if we don’t succeed, is it just a big failure? That’s putting a lot of pressure on ourselves, right? 

Last year I thought I could make a few simple promises to myself – learn how to do a head stand and a to speak bit of French in 2015. Did I do both? Head stand? Yeah, right, I stopped doing yoga properly for a silly reason. French? Sort of… I asked for a bill in French with a help of a phrase book during my last visit to Paris 🙂 don’t think that counts. Conclusion – I don’t think I can keep up with promises like that! The most obvious is “I’ll go on a diet” one. I admit, I would love to lose about three kilos but life just gets in the way, doesn’t it?

So, instead of  big goals for 2016 I’ll keep to little things I would like to do throughout the year.

To this list I will add a few more:

  • See more of London – we’re not going to live here forever and when we do leave I don’t want to say ‘I wish I had done that’. I will make more time to experience this fantastic city.
  • Read (even) more books – I’ve got a pile of books on the shelf that I never got around to reading.
  • Make more time for my physical fitness – I really enjoyed running last year so why not aim to run a mini-marathon or start really small, a 5K run?

Above all I choose to be happy! Last year was a little bit challenging but I’m staying positive that the new year will be a better one.

Happy New Year! xxx


Featured image by Kanako Kuno

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