I went to the gym!

Last time I was in a gym was about three years ago. I don’t like gyms. I work out elsewhere: a yoga studio, outdoors or on the mat in my living room. But because I do like to sweat every now and then I got dragged into trying out a class with my friend at Gymbox in Holborn. We did Thigh High class – a fast and fun fusion of lower body exercises with dance that will not only strengthen, tone and transform those wobbly bits, but you will smile all the way through, thanks to the musical choice packed full of Samba beats. Says their blog post…

And all very true! You get to dance, lunge and squat to the beat of loud and quite irritating music. When you’re done you clap for your class instructor, high five your friend and admit that ‘OMG this was amazing!’ It does give you this temporary boost of energy and you just want to punch the air.

But then it gets a bit gross… The main reasons I don’t like working out in the gyms – tiny sweaty changing rooms and bad facilities for showering afterwards. You put on your coat, run to the tube, sweat some more and cannot wait to get home to peel everything off.

Hence, you won’t see me doing this any time soon:

Holborn gym

I’ll be working out from the comforts of my home and although I cannot high five anyone after I’ve done 100 squats, I can swear and shout freely at my instructor on the TV screen.

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