Morning routine

I wouldn’t call myself a morning person, I’m definitely not an early bird (neither am I a night owl…) as waking up at 7am doesn’t quite qualify for it. I’m really good at snoozing, when I say I wake up at 7am that means this is when I start snoozing and most of the time I’m not out of the bed till 7.20. I’m such a sleepy head and a bit slow in the mornings so I need to ease myself into the day with hugging the duvet and pillow as long as I can while half-awake.

This week, however, I tried something different. My husband was travelling, which meant I had to make my own cup of coffee in the mornings (what a 1st world problem, rolling eyes) so I decided to set my alarm for 6.50 enabling an earlier snooze process and getting out of bed sooner. Wait, let me explain, it’s not as ridiculous as it sounds. 🙂 The first morning, while coffee was “brewing” (we only drink instant espresso at home) I did some stretching exercises in the living room and that made me feel really “zen” so the next morning I decided to do a little yoga-routine. I looked up some exercises and did this. Afterwards drank a glass of warm water with lemon and showered. By 7.30 I was in a much better mood than I normally am, the light stretching exercises already giving me positive vibes and making me feel less like this: Not a morning person

I’m planning to keep it up as the same ‘me time’ that I’ve already mentioned in this blog post, can really mentally prepare you for a better day.

Saying that… I totally didn’t do any of the above this morning. I snuggled up to Marc (he got back yesterday) and cursed that it wasn’t Saturday yet. Happy Friday!

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