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Review – My Little Box

Since March I’ve been a receiver of beauty surprises that My Little Box delivers on a monthly basis. At that time I was new to the monthly beauty box idea and didn’t realise there were so many out there, the main ones that pop to my head are Birchbox and Glossybox but there are so many more out there that it’s getting harder to pick your favourite. I bet there are tons of women out there subscribing to more than just one.

So, for some reason I selected My Little Box. Maybe it was the beautifully designed website featuring illustrations by Japanese artist Kanako Kuno, or maybe it was the elegant Parisian feel to the whole presentation of their product offering that appealed to me. Whoever is behind their marketing, I’m in awe, after all, I’m such a sucker for all things charming and pretty. I wish I could even draw like the aforementioned artist!

Brace yourselves, this is going to be the longest blog post I’ve written because it’s long over due and I’ve so many lovely things to say! ❤My Little BoxEach month, the beauty box is full of beauty, fashion and lifestyle surprises, has a theme and since March 2015 they’ve been:

  • My Little Superbox – my first! and I was extremely excited upon opening it. Although I didn’t quite get the superwoman theme and the aim of the stickers (I wish I had time to do scrapbooks but I don’t) but the products were all full size and you also got a cute T-shirt that’s now my pyjama top).
  • My Little Dream Box – loved the design of the box and it had a great lip balm that I gave away as a present. The only weird item in it was the stamp:Now, how, who and when would I use this stationery item? 😉 Again, I don’t do scrapbooks.
  • My Little Provence Box – the summer was upon us and the illustrations in the box made me long for a sunny holiday in the French countryside, enjoying wine and food. The products were almost all from L’Occitane and were put to immediate use. This box contained yet another item that left me a little baffled, fridge magnets:I thought of giving them to my husband’s nieces but there is a half-naked lady there so I kept them on our fridge… 😀 When I wake up in the middle of the night and sometimes feel peckish, I peek into the fridge, eat a banana, and change the doll’s clothes. She’s currently got the mini skirt on. I believe there were complaints after this box, some calling it childish, and perhaps the feedback was taken on board and the boxes after that haven’t contained that sort of trinkets anymore.
  • My Little French Riviera Box – came just before our week-long holiday in Cornwall and Cotswolds (oh, I wish we were back at The Trevose House…) so I got sunglasses, a refreshing body wash, a nail varnish and a hair mask. And some plastic pots where you can grow plants in. I planted beans that never surfaced. Oops.
  • My Little Road Trip Box – the timing of this could have been before our holiday too as it contained a really cute travel organiser, nail varnish, Garnier micellar water, and a body sorbet, that’s listed as one of my favourite items below.
  • My Little Gypset Box – was a bit of an odd one, mainly because bohemian Gypset is not my style at all, however, I did carry the bag that came in it to my first rugby match! It also contained a lip balm; again, given away as a present; bronzer, listed as a favourite yet again below; a body milk and hair bands.
  • My Little Fashion Box – one of my favourites so far! The illustration had a cheeky quote on it: “The prettiest dresses are worn to be taken off.” There was a scarf, an amazing lip balm that I’ve kept for myself now rather than given away as a gift, Kérastase hairspray and La Roche-Posay BB cream.

All the boxes are illustrated on their website for more information and I haven’t mentioned all the products that have been included in them (like their style magazine, accessories etc.)

The boxes always feature products from their in-house beauty range My Little Beauty . I’ve selected a few favourites:

My Little Beauty lips
My Little Beauty Lips & Cheeks

Lips and Cheeks – a blush and a lipstick in one as the name suggests. Its texture is a bit grainy and I’ve never used it as a blusher but I do love this shade on my lips.

My Little Beauty Bronzer
My Little Beauty Bronzer

This bronzer is relatively dark and as my skin tone gets naturally lighter at the end of the summer, it now looks a little odd but cannot wait to use it again next summer.

My Little Beauty Body Wash
My Little Beauty Body Scrub

Body scrub containing salt crystals. It smelled so good I used it up after a week!

My Little Beauty
My Little Beauty Body Sorbet

A cooling body sorbet. I had never even heard of such a thing before. Unlike the body scrub, I cherish this product and it’s still sitting proudly in the bathroom amongst the other body lotions. The packaging is too cute to get rid of… I will take it to my next summer holiday as it’s supposed to be nicely soothing after being in the sun.

On average, each box is worth £55 and you pay from £13.95 per month.

As it’s blatantly clear now, I admire the whole My Little… brand, they even have an app that’s obviously called…. My Little App, offering a daily dose of fun delivered straight to your smartphone:

  • Invites to exclusive sales: Maje, Oh My Love and many more
  • Beauty Tutorials
  • DIY Ideas, Recipes, Competitions
  • Special offers and discounts
  • A selection of awesome apps
My Little App Avatar
This is my avatar

The next box is due any day this week, I cannot contain my excitement!

I also found these wonderful reviews of My Little Box by WhichBeautyBox and she tends to agree with me, how this box never fails to impress.

I recommend! 😘

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