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Embracing the 70s

This summer (what? did we actually have summer this year? 🙂 ) I went to a friend’s 40th birthday celebration that had a 70s theme. It was highly entertaining to see so many guests truly embracing it and turning up in afros, bohemian florals, hot pants, bell-bottom trousers… We were a colourful noisy crowd!

I had a total last-minute wardrobe change. I was planning to wear a relatively simple jumpsuit that to me looked 70s enough but earlier that day I just mentioned in passing that I’ll be going to this theme party and a friend of mine said she had a genuine custom-made dress that her mum had made in the 70s! Success! So this is what I wore: first from the left:

People didn’t believe that I had a wig on but it really was a purchase from eBay and not my own bouncy locks. I rocked that hairstyle and half wished I could go to work with that wig next week. (I didn’t)

My make-up for the evening:

  • e.l.f. cream blush – not available on their website anymore as I purchased it quite a while ago (before the UK site was relaunched again this summer). Current search brings up these blushes only. I like to apply and blend it in with my foundation brush.
  • MUA Contour Kit – my first attempt at contouring and even if I wasn’t exactly sure what I was doing (I did watch a couple of tutorials on YouTube beforehand), I believe the end result was lovely and I got a lot of compliments on my make-up.
  • MUA eye shadows – They were a last year’s purchase and they don’t have these shades in stock anymore. I blended in shimmering purple and green.
  • Make Up Store studio foundation – it’s not part of my daily make-up routine as this foundation is slightly thicker in texture. I layer it on and it gives a flawless cover.

The image on the right is my own 70s vintage purchase. After the party I felt I should have something floaty and romantic in my wardrobe and found this from a vintage seller on eBay. It’s floor-length, requires high heels and very elegant. All I’m missing when wearing it is my wig… 🙂

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