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My favourite nail varnishes this summer were…

September’s shadows
Fall faster and faster now
As summer absconds

C. Richard Miles

We switched on heating last night, which means summer is pretty much over. There might be a spike of temperatures next week but I’ve dug out my boots and put away my flip flops.

I was re-ordering my nail varnish box (I use My Little Boxes for storage 😉 ) and wanted to highlight my five favourites this summer:

  1. Lottie London, Day Dreamer, £5.99 – a very summery buttercup yellow polish. Quite thick and even one coat looked ok but I applied a second one just for good measure. Stayed on nicely for three days, then started chipping.
  2. Essie, Chills & Thrills, a present – also worked well with just one coat and I mainly had it on my toe nails this summer, clashed nicely with yellow flip flops.
  3. Loved by Sarah Lavoine, came with My Little French Riviera Box, a nice little review available by Julie here, £6.50 – I painted my nails with this during our Cornwall holiday and was seriously impressed how after one week it still looked decent enough (I didn’t have nail varnish remover with me), so a big thumbs up for this polish!
  4. OPI, Bubble Bath, a present – all summer favourite. I used it as a top coat for French manicure and also on its own due to its subtle and elegant shade. Stays on nicely for up to a week when applying two coats.
  5. Bourjois La Laque, Lycheers 07, £6.49 – glided on really nicely and gave full coverage with almost one stroke, a very good brush indeed.

The last one is what I’m wearing now as it’s the newest addition to my collection.

Have you tried any of the above varnishes and did you find them good too?

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