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 Cotswold Lavender

About a month ago I shared my lavender obsession and this got satisfied during our holiday in the UK (separate posts about this to follow when I have more time…) when visiting Cotswold Lavender in Snowshill near Broadway. I looked it up last year but unfortunately didn’t have enough time to go there after our wedding in the Cotswolds. This year though, we scheduled it in on our way back from Cornwall while staying a few nights in Sunhill Barn.

What a lovely scenic drive through little picturesque villages, we made stops in Broadway and Chipping Campden – both worth a visit. Here is a little map you can zoom out on to see the surroundings of the Snowshill Lavender. It was relatively well signposted but our Sat Nav took us around the place for some reason.

Entry to the lavender fields is £2.50 per adult and is paid just in cash (I’m glad I was able to dig out a £5 pound note!) but you can pay by card in the tearoom and gift shop. Below are some of the magnificent views of the fields. The whole area is a lot bigger than I expected, once you’ve reached the hill you get a better view of all the surrounding fields and some years there is even more lavender but they don’t plant it everywhere every year. We enjoyed a very warm but breezy day and thanks to the wind the scent of lavender was always around us! I actually took a moment to lie down, closed my eyes and immersed myself in the fragrant air. Don’t stick your head too deep into the bushes though, you might get stung by a bee! 🙂

After your walk you can also pop into a small distillery where it explains the harvesting and distillation process in more detail. A visit to their tearoom, however, is a must! We sampled a lavender scone and shortbread and chuckled when I was asked which scone I’d like. “Lavender…” was the answer.
“And what kind of jam would you like?”
“Umm… it’s got to be lavender again, I only came here for that.”

From the gift shop I purchased the following:

  1. Body Butter
  2. Daily Moisturiser
  3. Slumber Gel
  4. Foot Gift Wallet
  5. Lavender Tea
  6. Lavender Chocolate and last but not the least
  7. Lavender scone and shortbread recipes

I have yet to try them all, I haven’t even opened the chocolate! I’ll let you know soon, which is my favourite.

If you’re planning to visit Cotswolds in July (the best time really), perhaps try to squeeze that little trip in. You won’t regret it, it’s a truly wonderful experience.

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