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I own an Ida Sjöstedt dress!

Last week, Sweden’s Prince Carl Philip got married and as in every country with kings and queens, the designer of the royal bride’s dress isn’t revealed until the very last day. The breathtaking bride, Sofia Hellqvist, wore a stunning gown by Swedish designer, Ida Sjöstedt, to her wedding to Prince Carl Philip of Sweden in Stockholm. And a Swedish designer was an obvious choice. The dress featured lace sleeves over a white bodice, looking very similar to Princess Kate‘s wedding look.

I was introduced to her designs (and to her!) last summer when I was invited to Swedish designers’ pop-up shop in Chelsea. My (Swedish) friend Lina literally forced me to try this sexy black dress (it’s called Mylene Dress) on and once it was on… I was sold… This is now the next most expensive piece of clothing in my wardrobe after my wedding dress. But if I say that I’ve already worn this to two weddings and a gala dinner, then I think, I’ve already got a lot of wear out of it! It’s precious to me!

Anyway, since last summer I’m an absolute fan of Ida Sjöstedt’s beautiful, sexy designs. It’s a shame I cannot really afford to buy more of them!

What’s your most precious piece in your wardrobe?

Featured image photo credit: Hollywood Fashion Tumblr

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