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My lavender obsession

Since I started gathering ideas for flower and colour themes for our wedding a few years ago I became slightly obsessed with anything lavender related. So there were lavender details absolutely everywhere (mental note, I must do a separate post on this one day!), including our invites, centrepieces and other decorations, wedding cake, cupcakes, favours, thank you cards, and obviously my bridal bouquet that consisted of my then newly found favourite roses – ocean spray – and lavender sprigs. My bridal eye make-up had touches of purple and my nails, of course, were lilac! 🙂

I’ve since dried the bouquet and now it sits in our favour basket full of, you guessed it, lavender related products. So let me list some of them up and tell you why I like them.

My top five lavender products:

  1. Signe Seebid Lavendli Hoolitsus body butter from Estonia. I discovered this beauty range during my last home visit and to my surprise their website is in Finnish for some reason. Perhaps mainly marketing for the neighbours up north…? All that aside, I simply adore it! It leaves my skin soft and silky and it’s not oily once properly absorbed. The scent lingers on for quite a while. Apparently this can be used as a hair mask too but I haven’t given that a go yet. So, if you’re in Estonia by any odd chance, try some local beauty products and add that to your shopping list ;).
  2. Lavender & Lime Lily-Flame candle John Lewis. Ok ok, it’s not a beauty product but when lit whilst taking a bath, it is! “Let the day float away. The comforting scent of heady lavender mingles with zesty citrus for a contemporary take on a classic fragrance.” I like my baths long, apparently not great for the skin, but I climb in with a book (they get a little damaged sometimes), a glass of red wine and unwind.
    Lavender and lime candle
  3. Barry M nail varnish in Berry Ice Cream shade. My nails grow long, remain quite strong (I don’t do anything special for it, so I cannot share any tips there) and I like experimenting with different shades. I’m no artist and the best I can do is put some stickers on them sometimes but I do have quite a collection of varnishes and like to snap photos of my nails every now and then on Instragram.
  4. Lavera Lavender Secrets Body Oil. I’ve found that it’s a bit too oily on my skin and I can’t put clothes on after applying it immediately but maybe it absorbs better on other people? I use it for relaxing massages 😉 and it’s oh so good! It contains jojoba and sweet almond oil, leaving you with a lovely scent of lavender.
  5. Treets Velvet Vanilla & Lavender Bath Ball. Another bath related product! It has a great smell and creates a very relaxing bath experience.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my best ‘lavender products’. Do you have any favourites and is anybody else out there sharing this obsession of mine? 😛

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